September Meeting Notes

by samadams on September 26, 2012

Hello Beer Enthusiasts!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the September VIBE meeting.  Thanks to Doug Ecker for outlining the finer points of Northern English Brown Ale.  As always, anyone is welcome to present the BJCP guidelines for the style of the month.  Please, volunteer!


First, VIBE meetings will be moving from the 3rd Thursday to the 2nd.  AGAIN, MONTHLY MEETINGS WILL BE THE 2ND THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 6:30PM AT SURF BREWERY.


VIBE’s participation at the California Beer Festival was a huge success.  Thanks especially to James and the Butler brothers for spearheading the bar setup.  With seven taps flowing with over sixty gallons of homebrew, attendees were again left wondering where they could purchase such delicious craft beer.  Alas, join the club.  Thanks to everyone who donated time, kegs, and enthusiasm to this event.  They love having us pour at the festival and it’s a great chance for us to showcase fine homebrew to our local Ventura crowd.


VIBE is organizing a BJCP-sanctioned competition, tentatively scheduled for January 2013.  The hope is that the winner and Surf will scale up the winning recipe to serve in the tasting room, with the hope of entering the ProAm competition at the Great American Beer Festival.  The styles are still being worked out, but they will be narrowed to probably just a few.  Andy’s been working on some of the logistics and we’ll keep everyone posted on any updates.


Garrett was taking signups for the Iron Brewer Challenge.  If you haven’t heard, the Iron Brewer challenge will include a secret ingredient.  At the brewer’s meeting, the ingredient will be revealed.  Groups will have up to one hour to submit a recipe, with only the aid of brewing books, no internet.  The groups will then submit their secret-ingredient homebrew a month or so after that for judging.  This looks to be a really fun challenge and I’m looking forward to tasting all the entries, thanks Garrett for leading the charge on this exciting event.


We spoke a bit about the Progressive Beer Dinner that we’ve been planning.  On the afternoon of October 20th, Jason, Russ, and Wendell have agreed to host a homebrew pub crawl between their houses, which have about 5 blocks separating them.  We will send out details as to exact times and locations for the day.  Bring your homebrew, bring some food to share, bring a good VIBE!  Thanks to the hosts for opening their doors to us.


Since we ran out of monthly beer styles, I drew new ones out of a hat.  I’ll post the whole list on the VIBE website.  However, the next few month’s styles are Baltic Porter – October, Belgian Specialty Ale – November, Special/Best/Premium Bitter – December.




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