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by samadams on June 17, 2015

by Otis Bradley

I would like to come up with a new logo for our club and am proposing the following:

This will be the brand for our club.  I think it should be clean, simple not a lot of words.  Something that we can use in t shirts as well as banners, web sites etc.


A great way to do this is use – a company I have used many times.
After we all agree on a general direction, we can submit the information to 99designs – where we will get 100’s of designs from different designers.  We can vote on which ones we like the best.

Cost about $350 for design
T shirts cost $12 – 20 depending on quantity, colors, long sleeve  etc

I am willing to pay for it upfront if I can get the $ back selling the t shirts $10 over cost

Check out the site here and see what a competition looks like

What should the shirt say ?


Ventura Independent Beer Enthusiasts


Ideas for Logos

VIBE Eagle – could be cool although the  Falcons kind of have this covered



Surf Style Logo

With our obvious California surf heritage – there are lots of good examples of “surf” style logos

Carp did an interesting logo with the road sign, bear and surfboard



Here are some classics
I like the clean designs with the geometric shapes

cb47ab631b58c255660324c133b9ae7a dewyweblogo largest_fit PR_214103


Logos if found on the web for other brewing clubs
The obvious stuff – beer mugs, hop cones, mash paddles  etc

More colors = more expensive
And lots of ink makes for a sweaty t shirt

green-mountain-mashers images Falcons falcons2


maltose falcons mc-logo-color-400

I think this is kind of a cool new take ….
Maybe an Erlenmeyer Flask ???Pacific Gravity PMM_Logo360





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